In recent years, Ireland has witnessed notable shifts in its divorce trends. Understanding these changes is crucial for individuals facing the possibility of marital dissolution. This page aims to shed light on the latest divorce statistics in Ireland and explore the benefits of mediation as an alternative to traditional court proceedings.

The evolving landscape of divorce in Ireland reflects broader social and legal shifts. By examining these trends, individuals can make informed decisions about their options, particularly when considering the advantages of mediation over court battles.

Divorce Statistics in Ireland

  • 2015: 4,314 divorce applications.
  • 2016: 4,179 applications.
  • 2017: 3,995 applications.
  • 2018: 3,888 applications.
  • 2019: 4,073 applications.
  • 2020: 5,226 applications.
  • 2021: 5,856 applications.
  • 2022: 5,551 applications.

These numbers reveal a significant increase in divorce applications over the years, with a noticeable spike after 2019. This trend corresponds with the legal change in 2020 that reduced the waiting period for divorce from four years to two, influencing the overall dynamics of marital breakdown in the country.

Benefits of Mediation Over Going to Court

Mediation, as an alternative to traditional court proceedings, offers several compelling benefits. Firstly, it is generally more cost-effective, saving both parties substantial legal fees. Secondly, mediation maintains the confidentiality of the process, unlike court cases which are public record.

Furthermore, mediation allows for greater control over the outcome, as couples can reach mutually agreeable solutions. It is often quicker than court proceedings, helping to expedite the resolution process. Lastly, mediation fosters a cooperative rather than adversarial environment, which can be less emotionally taxing for all involved.


The changing landscape of divorce in Ireland, marked by increasing rates and legislative changes, highlights the need for effective alternatives like mediation. With its numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, confidentiality, and a more amicable approach, mediation offers a viable path for couples seeking to dissolve their marriage. Understanding these aspects is vital for anyone navigating through the complexities of divorce in Ireland.

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