One-to One Divorce Consultations 

What is Divorce Consultancy

Divorce in Ireland can be a difficult process to navigate. The various options can seem overwhelming, the stress involved often makes dealing with decisions around property, finances and what is best for your children even tougher. Many clients are not in a position to mediate for various reasons and these clients would benefit greatly from a consultation with a divorce specialist. We will go through various different options to achieve the most amicable, least stressful, least costly route to divorce possible.  

We help clients with their emotional journey and offer assistance throughout the process.

We guide clients through the process from start to finish so its as painless as possible.   

We provide practical, emotional, legal and financial advice at all stages of divorce.  

Helping you navigate the process of divorce, one step at a time.

Which stage are you at?

The early stages

If you are contemplating divorce, do you need to examine your options, knowledge is power. Our experience of the system of divorce in Ireland is extensive. Each client’s story is different, we help you examine your options and make decisions for your next steps.

The process has started

Have you already started the ball rolling and need help, to navigate your way through a difficult and slow system. We can guide and support you with the decisions you make that can save you time and money and greatly reduce your stress.

It’s all over

If you have come out the other end of the process feeling weary and need help and support with the next chapter in your life, we can help. Accepting you have gone through the trauma associated with divorce can be exceptionally tough. We offer help and support through the next chapter of life.

Helping you close one chapter of your life and open another.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Service

You are valued as a person and we understand the stress and grief of separation and divorce.  Browne and Co Mediation promise to go that extra mile to help you through this process.

Online or in-person meetings

We know that juggling a busy life and trying to make time for divorce consultancy meeting can be tough so we offer both in-person and online meetings.