About us

Browne and Co Mediation is headed up by experienced family mediator Michelle Browne. Michelle is a member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland and The Irish Professional Mediators Organisation. Michelle has almost twenty years of experience dealing with the family courts and is an experienced senior family mediator.   

Michelle opened Browne and Co Mediation when she realised the need to address the difficulties for couples wishing to separate and divorce in Ireland. Browne and Co Mediation now offer separating couples throughout Ireland an alternative to the traditional court based arbitrary system of achieving divorce. Browne and Co Mediation offer their clients what they believe to be the most progressive pathway to a separation or divorce in Ireland today.

Mediation is a cost effective, less timely and less stressful way to obtain a legally binding separation agreement. Browne and Co Mediation specialises in mediation for separating couples. They offer clients a service to provide legally binding separation agreements, terms for divorce and parenting plans.  

Michelle passionately believes after twenty five years of using a broken system to achieve our legal right to separate and divorce that with the use of mediation we have found a better way to deal with how divorce.    

Separation and divorce mediation deal with issues around the division of property, the family home, pensions and maintenance. Parenting and child access is also a large part of what we deal with in mediation. Browne and Co Mediation is a confidential service that is available in person and online.

To find out more information on mediation and what we can do to help you achieve your separation or divorce contact us: contact us