What is mediation?

Mediation is a confidential process where a neutral third party, called a mediator, assists disputing parties in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution to their conflict.

How is mediation different from going to court?

Unlike court proceedings, mediation is non-adversarial, confidential, and promotes cooperative problem-solving. The mediator doesn’t impose a decision but rather facilitates a conversation to help parties find their own resolution.

How long does the mediation process usually take?

It is typical for the full mediation process from instigation to agreement to take place over a matter of a few weeks.  Many disputes can be resolved in one or two mediation sessions. More complex disputes may take longer – mediation is flexible and will last as long as the process is useful and agreement is possible.

Who can benefit from mediation services?

Anyone involved in a dispute can benefit from mediation, whether it’s a personal, business, community, or family matter. Mediation can be especially useful when parties have an ongoing relationship they wish to preserve.

Is everything said during mediation confidential?

Yes, with some exceptions. The discussions during mediation are private and cannot be used as evidence in court. However, certain disclosures (like threats of harm)  are exempt from confidentiality.

How much does mediation cost in Ireland?

Costs vary depending on the mediation service provider, the nature of the dispute, and its duration. Some services might offer a sliding fee scale or fixed rates. Always inquire about fees upfront.

Why Choose Us?

Success Rates

High success rate for achieving settlements.  93% of our cases have been settled outside of the courtroom.

Professional Service

You are valued as a person and we understand the stress and grief of separation and divorce.  Browne and Co Mediation promise to go that extra mile to help you through this process.

Children First

We know that separation and divorce can be hard on families, especially children. We believe strongly that a Mediated Settlement created in the best interest of our children, is the best way forward, after a decision is made to separate.

Empowering You

We want you to thrive after your mediation process and we will be on hand to help in any way we can.

Online or in-person meetings

We know that juggling a busy life and trying to make time for mediation meetings can be tough so we offer both in-person and online meetings.

Cost Effective

In today’s climate of rising costs, it is essential that couples separating are working in their best financial interest and are aware of the high costs of a courtroom battle. Mediation is by far the most cost effective way of achieving a binding separation agreement.