The Process

How Does It Work?

Mediation is a process, which means there is a structure and formula to how it is delivered to the parties. The issue discussed depend on the needs and wishes of the separating couple. Issue may include finances; family home; parenting; living arrangements; education; custody; maintenance; assets etc.

With the help of a mediator the cuople systemically consider each issue, explore their options and come to decision. Expert advice is encouraged to ensure that the separating couple can make informed decisions, and with the active support of the Mediator, negotiate the best outcomes for both themeselve and for their family.

In mediation, an independent , neutral Mediator(s) assists the parties to come to agreement through collaborative engagement. In mediation, any agreement must be mutually acceptable to both parties.

Mediation is not:

  • Counseling or marriage guidance
  • A legal service
  • A financial service compulsory
  • An advice service